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Hair Turkey 19 years ago unconditional patient satisfaction and high quality service Hospital to offer within the objectives established in the environment. Hair Turkey’s aim is to provide corporate communications and high-tech professionals. Hair in our country Turkey “minimicro Grafting” and “Follicular Unit Transplantation” Follow the technique has made its name as the first hospital. Hair Turkey and today As Çevre Hospital, we are a hospital which attracts foreign patients from 47 countries each year.

Environment Hospital & Hair Transplant doctors with operations in Turkey is well maintained. Doctors and assistants, followed by proven methods of success in hair transplantation procedures. Our physicians each year to the International Congress and Convention (ISHRS) as speaker He participated and shared their experience with the world by typing in international medical journals.

Thus contribute to medical advances in the scientific sense in these areas. Hair made as a result of the decision to apply the method operations in Turkey, It is carried out with great care and attention to detail.

Hair transplantation surgery in a 100% satisfaction by targeting individuals we are serving 12 years in Turkey. The main purpose as a real natural hair transfer in hair transplantation It is to get the closest view. Our consultation, a possible operation You will provide information on the planned treatment with the hair protection.

FUE method of hair transplantation attempt and every patient with the re-developed with a design Our hospitals are also available. You have to regain your hair or the If you want your hair to desteklet made our hospital with an examination of our experts You can see if it is the right candidate.

Our consultation, hair protection you with the planning of a possible operation It will provide information on treatments. During the meeting and before the operation to be achieved by avoiding exaggerations We express to you the result of the correct shape. You will achieve the best results and satisfaction of believing that we are better than you are successful and largest reference

We are trying.

Medical technical equipment used in operations are specific to hair transplantation. What makes us different; Our technique, our team reviewed our experience and services your Submission. This difference in your life and you regain your hair wish …
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