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FUE Method - Follicular UNIT EXTRACTION 

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method is the most modern hair transplantation technique which is applied in the world and Turkey. After hair follicles are extracted, the results will be natural. In this process, living hair follicles are taken and they are transferred one by one into bald part of the head.

The difference between FUT and FUE methods is, in FUE method follicular units (grefts) are extracted directly from follicle level of the skin. This process is known as “non-invasive” method. Scalpel is not used in the donor area while FUE method is being performed, suture is not carried out, any scars will not appear after the operation, any complications won’t occur and daily life of patient will not be delayed. While extraction process is different in FUE and FUT methods and transplantation process is exactly the same in two methods.

When Dr. Rassman explained scientific consequences of FUE method which is called as F.O.X Procedure by him, our Surgery Center made researches about this extraction technique. First, in June 2004, we performed a FUE operation. The method which is being used now is an enhanced type of the technique which is created by Dr. Ray Woods and developed by Dr. William Rassman.

Baldness is a problem which has physical and psychological effects on person. From the age 18, every one of nine males looses its hair completely, and the other males are partly affected, they loose their hair partly.

In transplantation process which is performed by our team, between 1300 and 1800 follicular units (GREFT) are transferred.

FUE is a kind of revolution which puts modern aesthetics surgery together with art as micro surgery. It opens new roads for people who are without hair and helps them be free from this problem. And it leaves the other hair transplantation methods with its natural consequences.

Outcomes of FUE and FUT operations are at the same level in terms of quality. Only difference between the two operations is extraction method of follicles from the donor part. Transplantation process is like in the FUT method. There is no difference in FUT and FUE methods which are applied in our clinic in terms of quality of outcomes. This method has been applied to our patients with world standards and our experience since June 2004.

Situations where Follicular Unit Extraction needs to be selected:
After the operation, if whole head will be shaved sometimes, FUE treatment is appropriate. When length of the hair is shorter than 0.5 cm, the thin mark on the donor part might be seen.

If small amount of follicles is enough for the part which is needed to be hairy, FUE method is preferred in our clinic. For open areas on temples, and treatment of burns and marks, FUE is an appropriate method.

When there are no enough donor areas. FUE enlarges the area of donor source. Especially, possibility of hair extraction from other parts of the body increases number of follicles. Due to some patients who are young and who have high skin elasticity have tendency towards large scar improvement, FUE is preferred.

FUE is partially effective method for transplantation of beard, mustache, and eyebrows.
Stages of FUE Process:

First, nucha hair is shaved. A larger area needs to be prepared considering the other method.
After the area where follicles will be extracted is given anesthesia, follicles are extracted one by one with quite thin needles which have 0.9 – 1 mm caliber.
Grefts which are obtained with this method are composed by follicular units. And they do not need to have any operations.
Until reaching the desired number of grefts, operations above can be performed once in two days again.
Operation is performed by a doctor from start to the end. There is no need for a crowded team for the operation.
With FOX test which will be made before the FUE method, we can determine whether patients are suitable for hair transplantation with this method, or not.
This method is preferred by people who are reluctant to surgical process; however this method has some disadvantages, too.

The donor area needs to be shaved in order to make length of hair as 1 or 2 millimeters. This can create a problem when we use nucha as the donor area. Because after the operation, the patient has to have very short hair on his nucha. This problem can be removed if patient has his hairs which exist on right and left sides cut very shortly.
The operation lasts longer considering the FUT method. Number of greft which can be taken in one day is between 1300 and 1800.
In order to extract and transplant this amount of grefts, we need 7 – 9 hours. For example; when we make operation on a patient who needs 2000 grefts, we need 9 or 10 hours. For this reason, we prefer patients who need less greft number.
Because of the operation is completed in 2 days and it is more tiring considering the other method, it is more expensive than the FUT technique.
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