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      Hair loosing among women is common between them and it is a natural part of getting older. When hair loosing which is an inevitable result for men appears among women, they loose their self confidence and their life quality gets affected. Hair loosing of women is commonly observed through the head as different  from men. Women type hair loosing is connected with some factors like  genetic structure, hormones, and age which cause hair loosing among men, too.
        With the help of most modern hair transplantation methods, hair loosing 
        of women can be prevented.
        • The existing hair follicles on the bald part of the head are filled 
        with no harm 
        • Hairs are gotten closer in the area where operation is applied in order 
        to provide more density 
        • Minimum amount of scars is provided in the receiver and donor areas. 
        • A completely natural hair line is created. Nevertheless hair transplantation cannot always be the best method. After the consultation which is carried out by your doctor, structure of your hair and causes of hair loosing can be determined and the most  appropriate treatment method can be suggested. 
    Pictures display different categories of hair loosing. 
        Ludwig classification
    Stress and affliction are the only responsible sources which lead 
      women to loose their hair.  A lot of factors from stres and 
        affliction to thyroid problems; and from menopause period to anaemia cause 
        hair loosing for women. Specialists express the way to have healty hairs 
        by applying accurate care methods and treatments towards reasons. 
      Most of women complain at least once in their lives that their rate of 
        hair loosing is more than usual and their hair is weaker and thinner relative 
        to before; so they search for solution to this problem. A lot of women 
        who search for solution without knowing how and why they loose their hair, 
        apply some megavitamins, magical formulas and some materials that even 
        doctors and specialists do not know what they are and what they are used 
        for. Skin Diseases Specialsit Dr. Halil Bayazıt from VKV American Hospital’s 
        Dermatology Department, explained the reasons of hair loosing of women 
        and replied questions about this issue...
      * Is hair Loosing of Women a Frequently Observed Problem? 
       50 – 100 hairs may be lost during a day, this is normal. This amount 
        might change depending on genetic structure, ethnic features and age of 
        the humanbeing. If a person loose more than 100 hairs during a day or 
        new coming hairs are weaker and thinner relative to before, this might 
        be accepted as a problem. Like the other living things, our hairs come 
        into the world, grow and die when their growing process stop. Approximately 
        90% of our hairs are in the phase of growing. This phase changes between 
        one and six years. The rest of the hairs is in stagnation phase and they 
        will be lost in this phase. 
      * Under what conditions is hair loosing of women observed most frequently?
       Most of women experience hair loosing after giving birth and this process 
        continues approximately one year after the birth. This situation gets 
        better by itself and does not lead to baldness. Also the same temporary 
        hair loosing can be experienced after high fever, serious infections, 
        fierce influenza, stress and affliction, important accidents and operations. 
        Generally these situations do not lead to baldness and get better by themselves. 
        A second reason, general hair loosing which is dependent on some diseases 
        and lack of hormone-vitamins. The most common type of this kind of hair 
        loosing is resulted from overwork or underwork of thyroid hormone. 
      Proteins make up structure of the hair. If women consume proteins in 
        a very small amount purposely or inadvertently, their hairs get weaker, 
        their growing process stops and they will be lost at the end. 
      * Can drugs lead to hair loosing, too? 
       Some drugs which are used for treatment of different chronic diseases 
        may lead hairs to get weak and to be lost. But this situation is rarely 
        observed. But it is commonly known that drugs used during the treatment 
        of cancer, have side effects and they lead to hair loosing. 90% of the 
        hairs might be lost during this process. But, after treatment is completed 
        hairs will grow again in time. 
      Some of birth control pills can cause hairs get weaker and hair loosing 
        for some women who have genetic aptitude. In this situation, taking another 
        birth control pill will solve the problem. Another issue about birth control 
        pills is that they lead to hair loosing in one or two months after quitting 
        the pill. This is a temporary problem, too. Hair loosing can be observed 
        when malnutrition, lack of iron exist; or when iron could not be absorbed 
        in intestines. If a woman’s menstruate period is hemorrhage, hair loosing 
        can be experienced, too. 
      * Does Hair Loosing Have Types?
      The temporary hair loosing which resulted from the mentioned reasons 
        above and which can get better in approximately six months is called as 
        “telogen hair loosing (temporary intense hair loosing)”. If hair loosing 
        does not depend on a reason and does not get better in a year or more, 
        this type of hair loosing is called as “chronic telogen hair loosing (chronic 
        intense hair loosing)”. The most significant feature of chronic hair loosing, 
        baldness and weakening in hairs will not appear in spite of intense loosing 
        of the hair. 
      * Can Women Experience a Type of Hair Loosing which Would Cause Baldness?
      It is rarely seen that a woman experience hair loosing which causes baldness. 
        For these women, we can say that manhood hormones (androgens) might be 
        overproduced. Besides hair loosing, these people experience disordered 
        menstruation periods, ovary cysts, man type pilosity, and some disorders 
        related to kidneys. These are signs of a disease and hair loosing can 
        be stopped with appropriate treatment methods. For another group of women; 
        they complain about hair loosing which is seen on top of the head, but 
        we cannot find any indication or reason. This type of women uses drugs 
        which are used by men. But in the case of man type baldness, they cannot 
        get benefit from hormone stopper pills. 
        *What kind of examinations are asked from person who has hair 
        loosing problem?
      Generally, some blood analysis and some hormone tests and analysis are 
        enough. Rarely, we need some visualization examinations. For chronic intense 
        hair loosing and women type hair loosing some drugs applied externally 
        can provide advantages. But it is important to know that these drugs are 
        not cosmetic products and they need to be used under a doctor’s control 
        for a long time. For temporary hair loosing, a treatment except hair care 
        is not needed. For hair loosing which is dependent on hormonal disorders 
        or malnutrition, when cause of hair loosing is healed, hair gets better 
        and better. 
      * Are there any relationships between nutrition and health of hair?
      The most important elements which compose structure of the hair are proteins. 
        In order to have healthy hairs, people should take enough protein. It 
        is certainly known that taking enough protein via nutrition is very important 
        for healthy of the hair. Fish, chicken, fava beans, cheese, egg, hazelnut, 
        and walnut are important sources of proteins. 

Are Hair Care Products Efficacious?

     There are a lot of hair products in our bath. We buy them in accordance 
      with some different reasons like their fragrance, package, and promotion 
      products. But do you know why you need all these products?
      Let’s think that how your hair will look like without shampoo. If you 
        don’t wash your hair, at the end your hair will become dull, will get 
        oily, it will even start to stink as the result of dust in the air, oil 
        which is produced by your head skin, and hair shapers that you use. When 
        shampoo is mixed with water, produce bubbles and gets a softener effect 
        (like rich ammonium sulphate and sodium sulphate) and remove filths on 
        the head skin, oil which is appeared, and remainders of the hair shapers. 
        Softeners and some additive elements within it are clarified with bubbles. 
        Bubbles provide help when filths are removed from hair and head skin. 
        Shampoo removes filths and makes your hair seem clean, shiny and voluminous. 
      Because of shampoos abolish the natural moisture of the hair, your hair 
        stays weak and weedy if you do not apply conditioner after shampoo. Conditioners 
        consist some elements like dymenticon and trisetilmonium chloride; with 
        the aid of these elements conditioners leads hair to get oily in a natural 
        way and make hair surface stay smooth. They prevent hair from curling 
        and weakening by expanding the static induction; and they keep the hair 
        soft and shiny. However, there shouldn’t be any misunderstandings here: 
        Conditioners can never heal diseased and damaged hair; because hair is 
        not an alive thing. Rate of using of conditioners depends on individual 
        need. For instance; if your hair is dyed, thick and shiny, your hair might 
        need more conditioner in respect of thin and undyed hair. 
      Shaper Products 
      Although these products are not used every day, most of us keep these 
        products in our bathroom in order to give shape to our hair. Shaper products 
        include some elements like polymer and resin and make the hair stay in 
        its form. The most purchased products in the market consist polyquaternium, 
        PVP and dymetalaminoethilemethacrilade. Hair foams, sprays with gel and 
        shaper sprays control volume and curl of hair; and make them lasting. 
      These products are applied to dewy hair before giving shape. Compressed 
        sprays and some liquid products which make hair curly are lighter than 
        hair gels. They are used in order to provide stability of volume and curl 
        of hair. These light products make the hair to be felt more natural in 
        respect of hair gel. Stiffener and shaper gels, foams, and spray products 
        have the same effect but they are heavier and they are used to obtain 
        stiffer shapes. Also these products are used for immediate shapes and 
        to reshape dry hair. Because of there are a lot of hair care products 
        which are formulized according to different needs, we should choose the 
        most appropriate product for our hair type and our life style among them. 
      You need to consult to your coiffeur about the most appropriate product 
        which provide your new appearance to stay when you have your hair cut 
        or when you have your hair shaped. It will certainly be useful to take 
        advice from a professional about this situation. 
      Secrets to show voluminous the degressive hair 
      * Use shampoos which increase the volume of the hair and which heal structure 
        of it. 
        * Apply conditioner to your hair before using shampoo. So conditioner 
        will not make your hair straight and will not damp it down.
        * Wash your hair with shampoo every day. Applying shampoo for once is 
        enough. There is no need to apply it for the second time because your 
        hair might get weak. 
        * Use hair diryer at the lowest level. This process makes your hair seem 
        more voluminous and make it easier to give shape to it. 
        * Do not apply hair foam or hair gel. This leads your hair to seem thinner 
        by damping it down. 
        * Apply a high quality hair spray or a fixer spray instead of using hair 
        foam or hair gel. After you dry your hair, moisturize your hair with spray, 
        and then dyr and comb your hair out; then give shape to your hair and 
        apply spray again. This process keeps your hair under control and makes 
        it seem more voluminous. 
        * If front part of your hair has gotten weak or has become sparse, you 
        may blanch or highlight this part; so this process leads your hair to 
        become hardly sensible. Especially, if contrast between your hair and 
        skin colour is high, this difference in colour will be lowered with hair 
        dye. This method is not suggested for people whose hair and skin colour 
        is dark. 
      * Women should not use the same method with men in the treatment of man 
        type hair loosing. 
        * Before deciding your treatment method, discuss with your doctor about 
        this situation.
        * Hair transplantation process applied to women generates successful results. 
        This method is suggested to women who experience man type hair loosing, 
        * If rate of your hair loosing is high, you should try to find reason 
        of your hair loosing by having a complete physical examination. 
      Is your hair compatible with your age?
      You want to have a new style for yourself but you are not completely 
        sure about whether the hair style that you want will look good or not. 
        If so, you should read the writing below.
      Hair style for the women who are at their twenties
      Women who are at their twenties frequently change their hair style. They 
        enjoy their hairs in order to find their style. Unforgettable hair styles 
        are created at these ages. Hair stylists do not suggest very extreme styles 
        but if you are an adventure loving person these ages are very suitable 
        for extreme hair models! You will not have to explain why you do love 
        or do not love your hair style. If your hair is long it would be a great 
        period to make it short. You can make your hair in the way that whatever 
        you want: long, short, light or dark.
      Hair style for women who are at their thirties
      Women, who are at their thirties, try to create or to strengthen their 
        careers just like their mothers. They try to prove themselves and they 
        become too serious. Classical styles are chosen because it might be used 
        at work, home, dinners, and etc. Most of people act in accordance with 
        their personal life while they are decide to buy new house or car. The 
        same thing holds for hair style. If you want a serious relationship, you 
        may choose shiny and straight styles. Please avoid having your child’s 
        style and choose more elegant models. 
      Hair style for women who are at their forties
      When women are at their forties, they enter their maturating period. 
        They see a lot of things that they like or dislike when they look at the 
        mirror. Unfortunately, a lot of women who care about their imperfections 
        cannot realize their beauties. But the most accurate way is to realize 
        both good and imperfect sides and to make up these defects. So that, please 
        avoid having your hair cut too extreme and do not make big changes. Do 
        not try very short, long, light or dark styles. Have your hair cut short 
        in spite of choosing long hairs which make your face seem sulky and long. 
        If your hair stylist cut some layers, your face will loom large. 
      Hair style for women who are at their fifties
      Women at their fifties are mature and there is nothing which needs to 
        be proved by them. They reach a certain point in their life. They realize 
        that they have spent their whole lives to make other people happy and 
        they want to be free from that time. They want to celebrate the present 
        day by using their all experiences that they obtained during their lives. 
        So, they want to look pretty and self-confident by exploring the power 
        of being a woman. Please try softer shapes and colors instead of very 
        extreme styles. 
      Softer cuts and lines bring the mature skin to light. Please choose moving 
        models which seem less contrived. This type of style will pep you up. 
      Soft and shiny hairs are always preferred by young people. Soft colors 
        make your hair seem more mature and shiny. Please do not forget to use 
        hair care products, and do not pass over your hairs. 

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