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Hair loss and treatment

Treatment of Hair Loss Due to Surgery and Various Injuries

Head of hair loss is experienced in these areas as a result of injuries sustained during various reasons. In these regions, namely FUE “Follicular Unit Extraction” called method is more preferable. However, such a smoothing operation before necessarily a consultation and a small amount of test transplants performed follicles recommended.

Another treatment performed frequently than that FUT, that is performed on scars resulting hair transplantation made with the strip method. In case of application of the current closure technique it can be traced Trichophytic Closure of the medical literature of the injury could not be seen from outside.

DermaCell Procedure in Scar Treatment

A private medical device for the treatment DermaCell opened micro cylindrical sections are mobilized in wound healing mechanisms of the skin. As a result, these channels are opened in equal numbers in all areas of the skin from thousands of neovascularization and collagen formation begins.

This process ‘dry’ amazing results when absorbed by the skin so that the additional product after application will not be available. In 2003 vaccines have been developed for mixing and injection of insulin into the bloodstream without immediate penetrate beneath the epidermis of the skin care products and expect this technique to repair the problematic cells.

Dermacell can be administered together with PRP treatment. Applied on micro wounds PRP opened channels in the rapidly nude through autologous wound healing cycle which started here so patient leaves growth factors secreted by its own body and acts as a platform in order to keep the stem cells. Thus DermaCell skin renewal, pore tightening and especially helps to increase the anti-aging effects.
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