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Folliculitis: Spot Loss (Alopecia areata)

Folliculitis (Alopecia Areata) is a form of hair loss. It generally occurs due to the accidental attack of the immune system on the hair follicle. While experts do not yet know the reason of this attack, the damage is not permanent. Usually it is seen in people under the age of 20. However it can be seen in adults and children. Alopecia has been seen in male and female patients equally regardless of gender.

Folliculitis (Alopecia Areata) generally starts as clusters of loss, leaving completely smooth, round, hairless patches. In some cases, patches of hair loss without baldness can occur. Rarely it can be diagnosed with the loss of all hair and body hair

This type of hair loss in people usually grows back after several months of hair loss but continues to take measures in areas experiencing hair loss does not.

Loss patch in the manner usually expected to rise again from where it flows into the hair within 6 months to 1 year. The hair growth will be no different in terms of colour and structure. However in over 10% of of people, the hair does not grow back. Even if at least one of the following reasons You may be faced with permanent hair loss; If you have a family history of baldness. If you already have an autoimmune disease, if you have allergies trends of, Hair If you are experiencing loss problems for a long time, foot and nail color and shape of your hand If there is any change or modification in the structure of our experts Dermatolloj consultation should take measures to spills.

How is ringworm diagnosed?

Ringworm, dermatologist examination, can be identified by looking at your medical history and dermoscopy.

Your doctor asking a series of questions about you and patchy hair loss on the scalp It will be decided by examining a loss.

If the examination result of hair loss cause is not open in any way, your doctor dermatologist you may want to add a few tests. These tests are as follows.

Hair Analysis: Your dermatologist will take samples from the scalp with a microscope or dermoscopy You will want to examine. Sometimes it can continue the investigation by taking samples from the scalp.

Blood Tests: Dermatologists would like hyperthyroidism except for special tests or hypothyroidism decisive Tests may want.

Scalp with saçkıraniç most effective corticosteroid therapy in adults in which every 4 to 6 week injection is applied. Studies on the effect of this withdrawal of the hair treatment therapy has proved. Children and some affected individuals in the treatment with topical corticosteroids applied to the skin It can be. Minoxidil (Rogaine) can be used in conjunction with topical corticosteroids. 

Your hair is an important part of your exterior appearance!

Ringworm (Alopecia Areata) does not trigger various diseases and causes serious health problems. It is not contagious. So it should not interfere with your social life. But the people of hair loss and taking him to feel bad because of the changes caused by the stock image doors can cause. So learn to consult a doctor and treatment yourself will make you feel better.
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